Episode 7: “Do You Want To Play ✧・:* video games *:・✧”

Kentucky Route Zero (2013-2020) and Disco Elysium (2019)

04 April 2020 · 45:45

Cancelling the Apocalypse
Cancelling the Apocalypse
Episode 7: "Do You Want To Play ✧・:* video games *:・✧"

Do you remember how Dom and Raph had a podcast about utopia? Man, that sure seems like a while ago now, you might say, and increasingly irrelevant given… *gestures around* this. Well, you would be wrong. Dom and Raph are in fact alive, kicking, angry, hopeful, and weirdly invested in talking about two recent indie games, Kentucky Route Zero (2013-2020) and Disco Elysium (2019). Join them (us? I’ve now gone too far with this third person routine and it seems too late to roll it back) to chat about utopian communities, debt, death, and dancing. They also are now living on two different sides of the planet, which frankly sucks, but their glorious microphone, The Prince, has been replaced by a Discord bot called Craig. Shout out to Craig.


Kentucky Route Zero

Disco Elysium

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