Episode 10: “Alone In the Alaskan Wilderness With Your Football Railgun”

Utopia and the Pastoral, Part 2 (17776: What Football Will Look Like in the Future)

09 January 2021 · 28:24

Cancelling the Apocalypse
Cancelling the Apocalypse
Episode 10: "Alone In the Alaskan Wilderness With Your Football Railgun"

In the second part of our bumper 2-part utopianism and the pastoral deep dive, we explore Jon Bois’ internet masterpiece 17776: What Football Will Look Like in the Future. What does a long-form multimedia piece about the distant future of football and humanity teach us about nature and better worlds? We consider the magic of being in an audience; communal and individual play; surplus, self-sufficiency, simplicity, and choice. Also don’t miss us making it extremely clear that we will never, ever monetise this podcast.


17776: What Football Will Look Like in the Future (Jon Bois)

The Wandering Earth (dir. Frant Gwo, based on The Wandering Earth by Liu Cixin)

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