Dom is a school teacher and Raph is a doctoral student writing on contemporary utopian literature. We both hate capitalism quite a lot. Neither of us are qualified to have opinions about anything or say any words. Please get in touch if you would like to sponsor our show.

About Cancelling the Apocalypse

We only started this podcast because we wanted to listen to someone recommending us media that would make us feel better, teach us tactics for overthrowing captialism and living in the first days of a better society, and ideally feature Idris Elba. And there was nothing out there which fit that description, so here we are, trying to work out how to press the record button on our microphone, which we have named The Prince. If you start a podcast which fulfils these criteria, tell us about it and we’ll stop immediately, please.

It may be obvious that we do not do this for a living.

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Dom and Raph learn how to cancel the apocalypse by discussing their favourite utopian books, films, TV shows, and more.

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