Episode 11: “You Should Read Homestuck”

A special episode featuring Dom and Raph playing a game called You Should Read Homestuck.

18 April 2021 · 54:23

Cancelling the Apocalypse
Cancelling the Apocalypse
Episode 11: "You Should Read Homestuck"

Having made ten episodes of this thing despite the difficulties posed by international distance, a pandemic, and Raph’s inability to sit down and edit a goddamn piece of audio for two months, we decided to celebrate by playing an improvisational roleplaying game called You Should Read Homestuck, which is about trying to convince your friend that they should join your terrible, awful fandom. Dom has read Homestuck (I believe they at one point referred to themselves as “a homestuck”?); Raph has not. In the game, Raph has to convince Dom to read Homestuck. It’s good.

Because it’s us, this episode also touches on Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992), Van Helsing (2004), His Dark Materials, intentional online fandom communities, and early 2000s forums.

Lastly, Raph would like you to know that he was meant to upload this episode on 13 April, which is apparently ‘Homestuck Day’. Raph has no idea what ‘Homestuck Day’ is, and has absolutely no desire to learn.


Homestuck – Andrew Hussie [DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK]

You Should Read Homestuck – segoli (itch.io)

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