Episode 6: “John Boyega Week feat. The Guy Debord Ouija Board”

Attack the Block, Pacific Rim: Uprising, and intentional communities

15 June 2019 · 44:42

Cancelling the Apocalypse
Cancelling the Apocalypse
Episode 6: "John Boyega Week feat. The Guy Debord Ouija Board"

We examine the utopian ouvre of our hero John Boyega, in particular Attack the Block: A John Boyega Film and Pacific Rim 2: A John Boyega Film: Uprising, which takes us into council houses, slow and fast violence, intentional communities, friendship, and the inevitability of climate crisis. Also how much we hate George Lucas. (So the usual).


Plan C (UK activist organisation)

Attack the Block (2011, dir. Joe Cornish)

Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018, dir. Steven S. DeKnight)

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